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Rocking a Pinafore Dress

If you are familiar with school settings,you probably wore this while in secondary school or you saw others wearing with a classic student shirt with collars and short-sleeved.
This is in fact a trend that I am amazed by because a lot of women have been rocking it and showing it off in the most spectacular way irrespective of the body types.
Pinafores come in various fabrics:Suede,Denim,Florals,cotton and loads more. Also in varieties of colours and shades.
It is such a classic addition to your closet,you can pair them with varieties of shirts or tops and a load of accessories and they just come out right.
Here is a list of how you can rock a pinafore dress when you add one to your closet.

Boots,Classic white shirt,sass and laid back hair and makeup.

Sweater top anyone? The houndstooth pattern makes it the more better

Striped shirt,flowy hair and some John Lennon glasses.

The best,boots are a winner anyway with a fitted top and the flannel shirt for some added advantage

This is the corporate look,all professional with the pleated skirt,heels and the winner turtlenecked top

This speaks outing: meeting with friends,date or picnic.The statement blouse with its bow and the shoes.


Or with a crop top.
*All photos are from Pinterest
I hope you have learnt from this post.If you do wear this,you could share.
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You are not really a hot mess.

I am progressing,it gets scary when I think of how I will be 23 by December and the only thing I have is a degree and a mind that can’t be put to rest. Half of the time,in a lazy way I had accepted myself as someone who can never be organized in anything,I thought surprises were the spice of life but Currently I am thinking wrong. If you follow this blog,you would notice that I have been doing a lot of soul searching and seeking clarity(I’m almost at a breakthrough).


(Photo Credit-Pinterest)

One of the main things I have come to understand is that If you actually plan to be productive or excel at anything,you actually need a plan,some type of organized structure.It really helps you and kind of sets your life in motion so the next time you think about you breezing through life,take a pause and actually think about how planning can be so much better. I have a list of how organization can triple fold your productivity.
1. The most Important one is It actually gives you rest of mind,the peace that you derive from not worrying at all is beautiful because you know you have a plan.You have established a way to go about things,it gives you control.
2. It is almost similar as the first one, You get free from jumbled thoughts, If thousands of ideas run through your brain in minutes,if they get jotted down,you can skim through and filter the unnecessary ones out. That sets your mind free,it makes the currents in your head idle for a while
3. You are an adult😂 Yes I know this breeds responsibilty but you are actually one,even if you can’t make it,fake it for a while,wouldn’t be long before the ‘f’ becomes a ‘m’. Organizing brings this air of consciousness around you,people take you seriously because you know what to do with your time.
4. Sets your life in motion,Believe it or not but once you get organized, your productivity gets higher and you know what you are doing with your life.You can actually identify and place what takes most of your time. Slowly and steadily,you get opened eyes towards things you want because you get to worry about more important things.

This habit isn’t cultivated in a day but try to make a change and see what happens. Are you an organizer,how has it helped you? More productive? Or less?. I would love to hear from you.Selah❤

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Keeping up with May

Does the Electric Slide while listening to the weeknd’s Starboy.

Hello loves,Trust you have been good? Just like that,another month is upon us and I am so glad because I can’t wait for july,I can’t wait to leave this house.How has your month been,what have you been up to,how is life’s journey.
The month really went so fast I remember when I wrote about catching up on April and With the blink of an eye,we are heading on to the 6th month.
I have been


Nothing,lol,sounds strange.I have had a hard time trying to do things. Finding inspiration too and it stinks really but I enjoyed it too.
So much about myself,watching myself enfold and it’s been beautiful really. Been overcoming myths I thought was a part of me.
Great Endings,that’s all this month as been about. Hoping that a turnaround happens.
To the whole soundtracks of The Greatest Showman,I know I am late to the party but I have outspent this lyrical beauties. I love “Never Enough” best.
E! ‘s The Royals and The arrangement,Amazing story lines If I say so myself
Nora Roberts books still,I read her whole Bride Quartet and I loved them all.


That’s been a bit of my month,how has yours been?. What have you been up to? I will leave you with this,”Find inspiration and encouragement in yourself,it is really essential” Also something I got from one of momma Nora’s Gold mines. “Make your days count,Don’t put all your efforts in the future”. Selah❤

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Being Girl/Global Menstrual Hygiene Day 2018

Did you know yesterday was Global Menstrual Hygiene day 2018?May 28…a day after Children’s Day,I had no idea too but now I will never forget.


My cousin got back from school yesterday sporting a yellow and burgundy Shirt with Global Menstrual Hygiene Day 2018 scripted on it. I had no idea and I felt kind of incapable with all my feminist shouts. The first thing I asked was if they got sanitary pads and she said yes,that answer gladdened my heart because it would really have been worthless for shouts and printed tees without sanitary pads.
I made a little research about this and learned that this movement started in the year 2014 choosing 28th as its date because the average span for a menstrual cycle is 28 days,The program started as an awareness for menstrual hygiene and the girls access to sanitary materials for their menstruation. The objectives of this movement is to:
* raise awareness of the challenges women and girls worldwide face due to their menstruation and highlights solutions that address these challenges, including through media work.
*It catalyses a growing, global movement for MHM and supports partnerships at global, regional, national and local level. MH Day also creates opportunities for advocacy for the integration of MHM into global, national and local policies, programmes and projects.
To create a world in which every woman and girl can manage her menstruation in a hygienic way – wherever she is – in privacy, safety and with dignity.
Menstrual Hygiene Day will help to break the silence and build awareness about the fundamental role that good menstrual hygiene management (MHM) plays in enabling women and girls to reach their full potential.
(As culled from  mhd.org)

  In Nigeria,A country streaked with poverty presently A good sanitary pad costs nothing less than 300 Naira,in a family where the meals are worth #500 daily or less,the 300 naira might not be spared so these girls result into using clothes.(Please!!!!Clothes are not the best option,Just sheesh)Others with no means of income or in destitute area would be unable to get through to any sanitary product so they are left to the conscious effort of checking themselves everytime and paying less attention to  their day to day activities. No crimes have been committed,all they did was being born female.
For a Government that I have been accustomed with for about 8 years straight,this is the first time it is being celebrated in Ondo state and I am so glad as I have noticed the state’s Governor’s wife as  someone who concentrates on Female matters. Pads were given yesterday but it can be distributed everyday to make life easier,it is a call to every state Government too and in fact the Federal Government. We can also help ourselves too,It would be a great act of kindness if you can give towards this movement and I know just how to,A great woman started a movement on this and all you need to do is click SanitaryAidNg,click on the right box and select donate.Every donation counts.  You could also order for a personalised mug with the proceeds going into funding for the aid.
Menstrual Hygiene is not a one day job,we have to push at it everyday and everytime.


Kindness shows that there is a love in the world. Thanks.
Do share too.Thanks.

Fashion/Off shoulder Ankara top x Worn in two ways

Ignore the laughs you hear in your head when you are about to start something new.

Good day,been a pause in time. I try to stay consistent as possible but sometimes it feels like a struggle.
Today I am launching my first personal style post,I am actually scared of putting myself out there but if I die,Die. When my mum gave me this piece of fabric.I wasn’t so sure of what to make of it but I have always loved off shoulder outfits and reckoned I didn’t have one with Bishop sleeves,so off shoulder with Bishop sleeves was the option with versatility in mind too. So I set out to cut and make it,I loved every part of it with the belt and all.


I rocked the top with this beautiful front slit skirt that I also made,nude sandals and the belt adding some shenanigans. I pulled the lower part of the sleeve up to mimick a puffy look and wore the neckline over my neck and not on my should



I also wore the same top off my shoulders with the sleeves rolled out and a black pant t



I am actually not the one for colours,I love my colors muted and pastel so with the array of colours on the fabric, I had to tone done with neutrals if I loved colours,this would have gone super well with some lemon green A line mini skirt. What would you rock this top with

Dress –http://www.instagram.com/Savvonia
Shoes- Thrifted
Hairdo – Multi Xpression by me😝

I hope to hear from you and see you in the next one,Selah❤

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Starting a conversation and keeping it rolling.

It’s a beautiful morning from my side,the sun is shinning,my skin glows under water😂 and it’s a great start to a new week.


For the most part of 2017 to 2018,I haven’t met new people,been enclosed in my cocoon and enjoying the lonely time that I get but lately I have been feeling a little expressive and need for mingling then the fear came in and the fact that you have to go out too.I am no good at conversations,I understand some people go through it like breeze but some of us have the fear of overdoing or not doing too enough. Social media conversations and Personal Conversations don’t seem different to what I think,the loose ends to SM conversations are non verbal feedbacks really(these are powerful aspects of communication too).


1.Ask an open ended question
Open ended questions are basically questions that leaves room for follow up questions.Like asking for their names,following up with what it means or about what they do and what the job entails. And if it’s a student,ask about their course of study.
2.Talk about your surroundings
Classic conversation starter but you don’t have to start with the weather alone. Talk about where you stay,where you are at the moment or   mention a place.
3. Stay focused on the Feedback
This is really important,pay attention to the reply of the person you are in a conversation with. It is essential that you know if they are willing to talk or not.
4.Maintain Eye contact.
Listen to understand and not just to listen,it’s a huge turnoff to multitask while listening to someone(put the damned phone down) and try to look straight on while talking too so they know your whole attention is on them.

5. Don’t ask too complicated questions.
So what do you think about comets or galaxies? To someone you just met,wellllllll they might not want to answer cause they don’t want to feel dumb. Keep the questions light and simple please.
6.Ask about their interests.
Try to know what interests them,things that make them come alive and lucky enough this is where you find out if you share some things with them.


7.Dont make them talk about themselves alone.
Communication is two way and most times it’s been proven that people feel more comfortable to share their experiences with you when they find out you also have gone through that lane(except you are a shrink) So while they answer,you could say yours or start with yours first.
8 Avoid Sensitive topics,Please
Like why are you dressed that way? What’s that on your face?  Can I touch your hair😐😑? Do not be rude in the bid to start a conversation.
9.Be you
I can’t stress this enough,it is essential you don’t bring up lies or try to be who you are not.

I hope you go out to mingle with people and try with these points and if you have a suggestion,you could drop a comment,thank you.Till the next one,Selah. 

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The Difference between Mom jeans and Boyfriend Jeans

Hello, I hope you have had a beautiful week? And if you are in Nigeria,how aggressive has the rain been at your location. Electricity Poles have been falling and roofsheets unfolding in Akure.
I decided to write on this topic because I could not really get the difference for a while until I sat to research and find out about these types of jeans.
Mom Jeans is in the rave now,everyone has been rocking it in beautiful ways but boyfriend jeans has been here for a while though I don’t really see ladies in this side of the world wear it a lot.
Mom Jeans.
If it is high waist,makes the butt look longer or flatter with ease free crotch area,it is most definitely a mom jeans. This is associated with the 90’s and was worn by middle aged women.
They are mostly worn with tee shirts or shirts tucked into them.


Or with a crop top


Boyfriend Jeans
I think the whole naming idea is from its masculine look but feminine fit. It is most times baggy or slouchy. You decide how fit you want it,this trend started from Marilyn Monroe who wore a masculine looking jeans to a film location.


They sometimes come distressed


Or worn super chic with floral blouses


*Pictures are not mine but culled from Pinterest.com.

I hope you learnt from this post and now know the difference between a mom jeans and boyfriend jeans. I would love to hear from you on how you love to style yours.Till then,Selah

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